Craft Cider Week

We are celebrating Ontario Craft Cider Week, May 27th – June 4th, with two very special ciders from Revel Cider.

Tepache – 7.3% abv. A traditional Mexican recipe, made with whole
pineapples (rind and all). The rind is macerated for a hit of tannin. This
drink is balanced with a touch of Piloncillo sugar, and accented with
baking spices (cinnamon, vanilla, clove). Normally water is used as a base for Tepache. For this Tepache, Cider is used.

Darjeeling Inc – 6.9% abv. Cider aged with Darjeeling tea, elderflower and honeysuckle. The Darjeeling gives this cider a flowery nose, enhanced by the wildflowers and reigned in by tea tannins on the palate.

Come try both and celebrate all things Cider!

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